Love the Future

LOVE THE FUTURE; an exhibition of Freedom of Speech and Artistic Expression Over 30 HK artists and counting…
person went missing, this time an artist. It seems distant and is easy for us to just ignore it and accept it as another case of disappearance in China and move on…but can we?

 Love the Future is an art and poetry exhibition consists of more than 50 artists and poets from Hong Kong expressing their concerns on freedom of speech and artistic expression in China.  Most importantly, it is a reaction towards the unjust detention of artist Ai Weiwei by the Chinese authority. Ai Weiwei said in his book “…I think that every person must do something for others; that is the only way this world will see change.” This show is dedicated to the spirit of “Do something for others” and is an ongoing effort to fight for justice and defend basic human rights.

 Kacey Wong


Art Citizens


Artists included in the exhibition:

Ai Weiwei Ai Momo
Almond Chu Almond Chu
Anothermountainman anothermountainman
Art Business Art Labour Solidarity Solidarity
Ah Cat Amao
DLA Au Wah Yan Yan
Bobby Sham
Cheng Ka Yue Zheng Jia Yu
Chung Wai Ian Zhonghui En
Damon Tong Tang Weijie
Ducky Tse Xie Zhide
Emma Gutierrez
Hanison Lau Hanison
Him Lo Lu Yueqian
Juliet Lera Grey heart of any long
Kacey Wong Kacey Wong
Karden Chan Garden
Kenneth Hung Hong Tianjian
Ko Siu Lan Gao Xiaolan
Lee Kit Li Jie
Lo Chi Kit Luo Zhijie
Luke Ching Cheng Zhanwei
Man Chan Cheng-Wen Chen
Map Office
Miss Fat Liao Jiayi
Nadim Abbas Downer days
Ocean Leung Yu Tung Liang
Otto Li Li Tianlun
Ricky Yeung Yang Xiuzhuo
Sara Wong Huang Zhiheng
Stephanie Sin Sin Long children
Susie Law Luo Weishan
Tangerine Chin
Timothy Zauho Hao Zou
Vinci Mok Mo Ying Poetry
Leung Chi Wo Leung Chi Wo
Wen Yau Soul Tour
Wong Hin Yan Huang Yanren

Art East Island: Room 501

Please note; the Love the Future exhibition has now closed.

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