Pure Art Foundation presents artists; Kit Hung, Phoebe Wog, Amy Cheung, Jude Jung


Mission Statement: 

“We are a non-profit grant – giving organization and we’re here to help Hong Kong artists bring their ideas to life.
Our grants come in two forms: financial assistance from our governors, and / or use of our in-house exhibition space in Chai Wan. Because we care about Art. We care about Artista. And we care about Hong Kong. We believe that a vibrant art scene is crucial to keeping the amazing energy of HK alive and buzzing.” 



Pure Art Foundation is a non-profit grant-giving organization supporting Hong Kong artists in bringing their ideas to life. During Art East Island they will exhibit works by grant recipients Nova Sy, Parallel Lab, Phoebe Wong and Tsang Tsui-Shan and ifva Interactive Media Category.


WHERE: Room 509, Chai Wan Industrial City Phase 1, Chai Wan

CONTACT: 2976-5046 info@pureartfoundation.org.hk


Pure Art Foundation presents:

 Flowing Stories by Tsang Tsui-Shan

Tsang Tsui-Shan, Flowing Stories © Tsang Tsui-Shan


“Flowing Stories” is a documentary feature about Ho Chung village located in Sai Kung. Being both villager and director, Tsang Tsui Shan visits different corners of the village and overseas through filming, interviewing several different generations of villagers, watching from the past to the future in a changing village, changing world. The film is going to record the vanishing and disappearing village tradition, seeking from old albums of different families in search for the vanished landscape, also through documenting and interviewing villagers’ stories nowadays.


Jsut Code by Winnie Soon and Helen Pritchard

Winnie Soon and Helen Pritchard, Jsut Code © Winnie Soon and Helen Pritchard

“Jsut Code” is a collaborative installation in which participants are invited to decode electronic texts written and read by a collective of distributed human and non human writers. Statements on life and death are gathered in real-time, from the social media site twitter and displayed as geometric images. Viewers encounter a continuously updating feed as the machine translates language to image and twitter message to QR code, each image “carries” a language of pattern and meaning, which is activated by the reader. We see code as a call to action, a call for execution. The playful activity of reading in ‘jsut code’ is a collaborative performance between human, machine and code. The installation explores a continuously evolving and mutating text which moves beyond and between language.


ME.MORY by Nova Sy

Nova Sy, ME.MORY © Nova Sy

“ME.MORY” is a photographic installation which examines father-daughter relationships, this first photo exhibition of Nova Sy presents a series of black-and-white photos of women’s faces, each in different emotional state, overlapped with an abstract image representing her father. It is the self-examining and self-documenting process of the artist, examining the role of oneself within one’s memory.


Stag by p a r a || e | | a b

p a r a || e | | a b, stag © p a r a || e | | a b

The Stag project is the result of a collaboration between Parallel Lab and three local craftsmen who ingeniously use the back alleys of Hong Kong as their workshops. Uncle Chan, Uncle Hung and Mr. Tang have patiently sewed the STAGs and put all their experience and passion into the development of the stool-bag. This is a homage to the skilled community that every day interacts within these edge public spaces and brings softness to the rough urban context.


Untitled Photography Project by Phoebe Wong

Phoebe Wong, Untitled Photography Project © Phoebe Wong

A documentary project of Phoebe Wong about her 5 weeks in Värmdö, Sweden. She stayed in a cozy private residence inside a forest in Värmdö. With this unique opportunity, Phoebe developed an intimate relationship to the surroundings and the family living in house. She was fascinated by the natural environment in Sweden and how people integrate their life into nature in an organic way.



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