Participating Artists

Art East Island includes a variety of artist’s who specialize in different mediums. From video installations to sculpture to performances by the artists themselves, it is a space to encourage creativity and inspiration. All the participating artists have influential stories and are the most exciting current people producing interesting works in China.

For further information about the participating artists, please see the tabs on the right hand side.

To keep up to date with future exhibitions of these artists, check this blog regularly, we strive to keep you informed of these not-to-be-missed shows!


Participating artists:  Carol Lee Mei Kuen – Alex Heung Kin-Fung – Jia Aili – Dinh Q. Le – Zeus Bascon – Michael De Feo – Jed Escueta – Dex Fernandez – David Griggs – Jonathan Jay Lee  – Maya Muñoz – Christine Quisumbing Ramilo – Carina Santos – Marc Standing – Pancho Villanueva – Yamaguchi Soichi, WANG Hongwei – Graphicairlines – ZHAI Liang – Dorophy TANG – Artists Ray Chan – Florian Ma – Carol Ho


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