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Exhibiting works by:

Zeus Bascon/Michael De Feo/Jed Escueta/Dex Fernandez/Dan Findlay/David Griggs/Jonathan Jay Lee/Maya Muñoz/Christina Quisumbing Ramilo/Carina Santos/Marc Standing/Pancho Villanueva


LIGHT has always been integral to our journeys, whether helping gather our bearings in a new city or to the trivial, like looking for that boot that’s gone missing again. It is how we find our way.

But it is also what surprises us. Light helps unveil the unexpected, guiding us to our epiphanies, great or small – an essential occurrence to throttle us forward.

This is what Lightbombs does. In a new era of art initiatives, Lightbombs exists to tether relationships through a one on one experience with both ends. It is a gathering of the constantly curious and passionate under the dynamic and transparent light of art.

INTRODUCING: LIGHTBOMBS CONTEMPORARY brings together exciting contemporary work that embraces the varied sensibilities of those who love art. The artists, emerging and established alike, are kaleidoscopic in their practices and solidly respected in their local art environments. With work ranging from paintings, photographs and sculpture, the pieces usher in the artist’s creative identity, each a luminous surprise through their offerings. Hailing from the Philippines, Australia, New York and Hong Kong, Lightbombs is honoured to debut itself alongside them.


CONTACT:  Zoe Peña 6772-1256,

WHERE: 2107, Chai Wan Industrial City Phase 1, Wing Tai Road, Chai Wan


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